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Bozankaya continues the collaboration with Timișoara and will deliver another 17 trams by the end of 2024

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The Bozankaya company continues collaborating with the municipality of Timișoara by signing a contract to purchase 17 trams. The 17 trams will have a length of approximately 30 meters, a total transport capacity of 251 seats, and a 100% lowered floor and air conditioning. The total purchase value is approximately EUR33m, especially EUR1,9m for each tram.

The contract stipulates that all trams will be delivered to Timişoara at the end of 2024. Previously, 18 trams out of the 21 specified in the contract signed in 2019 were circulated in Timișoara. The trams, bought with European funds through the PNRR that will run in the municipality, will no longer have purple color but will be delivered in yellow and black.

"We are happy to continue collaborating with the City Hall of Timișoara. The Bozankaya battery-powered tram in Timișoara is a high-quality, battery-powered vehicle that is a more environmentally friendly option compared to regular diesel or electricity-powered trams. Last but not least, it is equipped with the latest technology, including energy-efficient engines and air conditioning systems," Aytunç Günay, Chairman of the Board at Bozankaya, mentioned.

The trams can operate autonomously, based on the battery, without being connected to the electrical network for up to 70 kilometers. This is also the greatest performance achieved so far in the history of light rail transit systems.

This unique feature made Bozankaya also break a world record and win the prize in the category "The Most Innovative Company of Europe" in October 2021 from ERCI (European Railway Cluster Initiative), the most prestigious institution in the field of technologies of the European railway system.

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