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A New Marketing Director for Bergenbier S.A.

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Victor Teioșanu, Director of Marketing, has joined the executive team of Bergenbier S.A., a division of Molson Coors.

"We are delighted to welcome Victor Teioșanu to the team, a marketing and beer industry professional with a results-oriented vision. I am glad that we can rely on his extremely valuable experience and knowledge in achieving our business goals and I am sure that he will be a basic member of the Bergenbier S.A. team," Mihai Voicu, General Director of Bergenbier S.A., declared.

Victor Teioşanu has over 15 years of experience in brand management and trade marketing, and he has an extensive understanding of the Romanian beer business. He has held senior positions in global firms in both the FMCG and retail sectors.

"I am happy to be surrounded by a team of professionals from an extremely beautiful and effervescent industry and to discover at Bergenbier S.A. a place of friendship and collegiality. Beyond the extraordinary projects and flagship brands, we found a responsible company with ambitious directions and strategies," Teioșanu concluded.

With a broad product that encompasses all consumption occasions, Bergenbier S.A. is one of the biggest breweries in Romania. Also, the business has a distinct sustainability strategy centered around three pillars: responsible alcohol consumption, the environment, and people.

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